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What we’re looking for:

Lead Product Designer — Customer Journeys

Product Designer — Subscriber Engagement

Our mission

Our values

We’re one team

  • We measure ourselves as one team over a set of individuals
  • We help each other and harness our collective skills to raise the bar of design

We’re makers

  • We make the abstract real by showing, not telling
  • We prototype by default to communicate ideas internally (to the business) and externally (to users)

We’re connectors

  • We seek ideas and opinions from others by collaborating with users, stakeholders and other disciplines
  • We work in the open and share our knowledge and expertise freely

We’re never done

  • We use research to learn and assess, ensuring we’re designing the right thing as well as designing the thing right
  • We continuously look at ways we can improve the design team, our individual strengths and the products we make

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Head of Product Design at The Economist. Previously at Made by Many

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Adam Morris

Adam Morris

Head of Product Design at The Economist. Previously at Made by Many

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